When passengers next to me on the plane ask me what I do for a living, I’m used to their look of dread because they assume that for the next 6 hours, I’m going to correct their grammar or evaluate their lexical choices. No, I’m not your 8th grade English teacher, nor will I edit your manuscript. I am a Writing Studies professor. Writing Studies is an interdisciplinary field of practitioners, researchers, and scholars interested in writing as a subject, process, tool, skill, and socio-cognitive activity. Much of our theories and methodologies come from fields like psychology, sociology, anthropology, cognitive science, linguistics, education, cultural studies, English, and rhetoric. Our writing and research interests lie in pedagogical theory and design, basic writing, first-year writing, second language writing, business writing, rhetorical theory, cultural rhetoric, community literacy, digital literacy, multimodal literacy, information literacy, transfer studies, writing program administration, and so on. I earned my Ph.D. in Writing Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I studied with Charles Bazerman.