¡Qué vachaché!

For Discépolo, someone like Jesus or other spiritual moralists are on the same social rung of a much larger ladder that separates the poor from the privileged. Money is God. And to live a purposeful life, we must serve the dollar and offer penance to the debt collector. Nearly 100 years have passed since these prescient words were written. They continue to be relevant in the world that we live in today, where we dance against the clock, eyes shut, not knowing what to do.

Where Do I Put My Boobs? Women Who Lead

When I lead women or women observe from the margins of the dance floor, nearly every woman will either tell me, "One day I would love to learn to lead" and then proceed with the same litany of reasons as to why that's not possible right now; or say with laughter, "I want to lead but I don't know where to put my boobs," sweeping their arms in large circles around their breasts as if they swayed uncontrollaby with every step. I reply jokingly, "You leave your boobs where you last left them." Why do so many women worry about their breasts when following or leading a woman?